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SuicideGirls… became famous for embracing beauty in every shape and form — meaning bodies covered in tattoos, having bright-colored hair, and being outside of traditional beauty norms were celebrated. The name comes from the idea that women who commit “social suicide” by being different come together.
- Buzzfeed
A nation wide art-sleaze phenomenon.
- Los Angeles Times
It’s like a punk rock Vogue…with artful nude photos of women.
- Wired Magazine
Fifteen years ago, a small-but-passionate community that celebrated beauty in alternative, pinup-style photography was born. It was called SuicideGirls.
- Maxim


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They’re the girls next door - but more colorful and with better record collections.
- Spin Magazine
SuicideGirls respond… in the best way possible.
- Vogue


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Watch the suicidegirls talk, sing, dance, and come to life in their videos. Upload your own videos or sit back and watch!

The meeting place for people interested in alternative lifestyles.
- New York Times
SuicideGirls is as much about community as it is about naked photos of tattooed women.
- Racked

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